Types Of Skip Bins

Skip bins are a popular choice for disposing of the wastes of all kinds. They can be classified according to the size, utility and materials of the skip bins. The skip bins are generally sorted into following types that are mostly available for getting rid of the wastes.

  1. Marrel Skip Bins

The most common type of skip bins that are being used all over is the marrel skip bins. They are known for their heightened sides and extraordinary length. Usually, they can be bought in sizes ranging from 1, 5 cubic metres to a maximum size variation of 17 cubic metres. The only bad side of these skip bins from Mill Park is that due to this extended size it is hard to load and remove them.

  1. Hook lift Skip Bins

Popular with the name walk-in skip bins these bins are the second most common type of the skip bins available for removing the wastes. It is very easy to handle them. The extra length and less heightened side make them a great option. The waste within can be easily removed by opening the door like structure at the posterior side. It is because of this walk-in access feature which makes them stand out among other types.

  1. Mobile Skip Bins

Unlike the static, and huge skip bin options like marrel and hook lift these bins are comparatively smaller in size. In some waste removal agencies, they are known by the name mini skip bins. It is very easy to keep them moving due to a size ranging between 3 cubic metres and 6 cubic metres. Therefore, they are usually a great choice for commercial industrial units. In many states, the user needs no license or permit to install them on the premises.

  1. Skip Bags

It is an innovative alternative to the skip bins. Instead of keeping a huge, heavyweight skip bin, the skip bags can be acquired. Instead of metals or hard plastics, they are made up of environment-friendly plastic materials and look more like the bags. These bags are made available after calling the skip bin hire agencies. The users are allowed to get, use and dispose of the bag whenever they need. Usually, these bags need to be removed after a certain time. They are a great option for domestic purpose. The cost of getting and then removing these bags is not bothering as well.

Final words

Getting the right skip bin is no longer a difficult task. The skip bins of GT Skips can be acquired from any concerned agency. It is the buyer who decides the size of the skip bin according to personal needs and requirements.