Why You Should Choose Timber Wall Panels

If you’re one of those people who is not a fan of traditional stone or cement walls and loves the raw natural feel of gorgeous brown wood panels in your house then nothing other than timber wall panels would quench your satisfaction, the restlessness of living in a house that is not personalized to your taste can be quite unnerving sometimes! Due to the current ratio of supply and demand of timber it has become quite affordable to install non combustible cladding in Australia .  When considering wall panelling you should opt for something that is aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. Timber wall panels are the best materials for wall cladding, let me explain why! 

Unrivalled Aesthetics 

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for interior decoration in houses or in luxury vehicles as wood in interior has become a benchmark for luxury and class. Wood adds that missing premium element to interior decoration, it is flexible enough to fit in different themes of decoration complimenting them and enhancing them. The texture, feel and smell of timber creates a soothing atmosphere that leaves an unforgettable impression, timber wall panels make the interior of the house come together if used correctly. If you have grown tired of plain old boring stone walls and are looking to enhance the aesthetics of your house then timber wall panels are perfect choice for you. 

Crazy Affordable 

Timber wall panels may appear as a luxury item but they don’t have to be expensive to be aesthetically pleasing. Compared to other materials used for wall panelling, timber turns out to be most cost effective of them. It is a flexible material making it easier to handle, as it’s difficult to shape a stone to the desired look when it’s compared to wood. It turns out to be most affordable of them all considering its purchasing price and less expensive installation methods. 


Generally during renovation of a house, the aesthetics along with its functionality is considered. Timber wall panels provide a better layer of insulation to your house, making it easier to maintain the temperature of your house saving you money on electricity bills. They are less messy, easy to clean and also ridding you of some harmful bugs as wood works as natural bug repellent. Not having to worry about renovating for a long time with timber wall panels as they look better with age. 

Installation and maintenance 

What is the most stressful factor when considering wall cladding of your house? It’s the process of installation that could turn out to be extremely complicated, invasive, time consuming, expensive and hiring of a skilled expensive labour. Timber wall panels are quite simple to install, as they fit in like boxes of puzzles. You can acquire readymade timber wall panels through your local hardware store making it one person job, all you need is some timber wall panels and glue. Their maintenance is easy, they just require some brushing and polishing after sometime to hide the scratches and tear marks. Compared to conventional walls, timber wood panels are preferred choice among average consumers.