Different Types Of Accommodation

All living things are made in such way that they cannot live without their habitat; it is in their system that it become unbearable for them to live in any other environment or habitat. Desert plants cannot survive in the habitat of water and vice versa. Similarly, animals that live in land cannot live inside water and vice versa. The thing I am trying to say is that it is very important for living beings to live in the place of their choice where they can feel comfortable. Similar is the case with human beings. Habitat is quite important for them as well. This is why they choose their accommodations quite wisely. In this article, we will be discussing about the different types of accommodations.


We are well aware with the fact that accommodation is the place with a room and an attached washroom. Sometimes, there are connected kitchens as well. Basically, it is the place in which a person can live in for few days or months. People often confuse accommodation with residency but that is not the case as residency or residential area is an area where a person lives permanently (even if not permanently then at least for few years). On the other hand, accommodation is the place in which a person stays for few days or for few months as it is a place which is meant for a temporary stay.

Different types of accommodation:

There are different types of accommodations which a person can rent for himself. Hotel provides the accommodations with best facilities possible but whenever we hear about hotel accommodation then we think about expenses as mostly all hotels have high rates for their accommodation except in some rare cases. The reason for this costliness is that they provide perfect environment and almost every basic facility. It is nearly impossible to find an affordable accommodation in hotel.

Hostels also offer the accommodations, these accommodations are mostly rented by people who study out of their city or country and do not have any home in that particular city or country so they rent an accommodation in hostel. Hostels provide the basic necessities like bedroom and washroom but they do not provide free WIFI system or any other such entertainment objects. Motels, inns and hospitals are other such places that offer accommodations.


People have innovated different ways to earn money, one of which is by renting their apartments or providing an accommodation to different people. It is quite money making business as lots of people move away from their houses for various purposes and they want a place where they can have temporary stay as long as their target is not achieved. Hotels, inns, motels, hospitals, hostels and various other such places offer their apartments for rent. Hotels offer the best accommodation to people but they are quite costly except for few hotels who offer perfect accommodation and that too in cheap rates. “The setup manners” is one such hotel that has the best accommodations available in affordable rates. Check this link https://www.setupmanners.co.nz/ to find out more details.