Transport Your Pets Through MOORHOLME

Over the years the number of people who have pets at home has increased manifold, primarily because pets are a great company as well as a means of entertainment. Having a pet will also keep you occupied and this is rather healthy as compared to sitting idle and overthinking about life and its issues. Usually people keep cats and dogs and various birds such as parrots and peacocks and even hens as pets but which pet you keep is completely your call. Those who have pets must have time and again experienced this problem of safe keeping pets while travelling within the city, to another city or abroad for work or to meet family members or even if you plan to shift elsewhere. It is no less than a hassle to keep a pet intact while travelling as they can be very fussy and difficult to manage. If you encounter a similar situation, all you need to do is contact the team at MOORHOLME.


They started off as a family business when a family of a husband, wife and their three sons bought a collie bitch in the year 1973 and as the number of dogs they had increased over the coming years, they bought a proper place to keep the pets on Bassett road. The dogs they had included collies, Maltese, shepherd and many more breeds. Along with working on and expanding family business, they learned how to handle various breeds of dogs and other pets.

Located at Melbourne airport, the center not only can safely transport your pets if you intend to travel but also promise to take care of your pet as their own. The center that they have is a huge building sprawling over an area of thirty six wide acres… yes you have heard it right! Thirty six acres land for safekeeping your pets. They have both indoors and outdoors kennels and cattery made of brick along with an integrated system of cooling and heating to adjust the temperature such that the pets are comfortable.

The location of the center makes it ideal for all those living in and around Melbourne, if you are travelling towards Essendon airport it will only take you ten minutes to reach MOORHOLME, similarly if you reside in central Melbourne it would take you around twenty minutes to reach to the center. What makes MOORHOLME stand out among all other animal care centers and transporters is the fact that they are registered with the government. And in addition to that the services they provide for your pets and the facilities provided to these creatures is all done within affordable price range. Above the animal act passed in the year 1994 was passed with reference to MOORHOLME Park, as they assure providence of quality services.